Dream B.I.G.

Dream B.I.G. (Believing in Girls) is a student-led girl empowerment mentoring initiative that serves 6th-grade to 12th-grade girls from the Marvell-Elaine School District of Phillips County in the Arkansas Delta. U of A students serve as mentors to engage with the high population of teenage girls living in conditions of poverty, abuse, neglect, high teenage pregnancy rates, high drop-out rates, and lack of motivation to pursue higher education.

Questions about Dream B.I.G. program can be sent to Charity Walker, Program Coordinator, at cjwalker@uark.edu.

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Dream B.I.G. 2014-2015

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Dream B.I.G. Videos

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2013 Spring Break Camp

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2013 Project Dream B.I.G. Fashion Show

2012 Spring Break Camp

2011 Dream B.I.G. Documentary Part 1

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