Get your 10

In an effort to expand the reach of the Volunteer Action Center and promote community service among University of Arkansas students, the Center for Community Engagement is launching a community service campaign called "Get Your 10."  The purpose of "Get Your 10" is to encourage University of Arkansas students to perform at least 10 hours of community service in an academic year. Once a student has reached 10 hours and had them verified through GivePulse, they will become an official member of the Volunteer Action Center.  It is our hope that the membership program will increase student engagement in volunteer opportunities and foster a sense of community among students who regularly volunteer. 

In order to recognize the contributions to the community made by these VAC members, the Center for Community Engagement recruited corporate partners for the "Get Your 10" campaign.  These partners contributed to the campaign in variety of ways, such as offering discounts to VAC members and donating items for VAC member appreciation days.  Community service is intrinsically valuable, and our VAC membership perks are a small way of rewarding those who have given to their community.

prizes for members


10 volunteer hours:

  • Become a VAC member
  • VAC sticker
  • Membership perks card

25 volunteer hours:

  • Center for Community Engagement Award
  • VAC hat

50 volunteer hours:

  • Chancellor’s Award
  • VAC t-shirt

75 volunteer hours:

  • Mayoral Award

100-174 volunteer hours:

  • Bronze Presidential Award

175-249 volunteer hours:

  • Silver Presidential Award

250 + volunteer hours:

  • Gold Presidential Award

NOTE: All volunteer hours must be verified on GivePulse.


perks for getyour10