Get your 10

Get Your 10 is a membership program aimed to encourage University of Arkansas students to perform acts of service throughout the academic year. Once a student reaches 10 hours, they become a VAC member and receive a membership perks card, which provides discounts at participating Northwest Arkansas businesses. As students gain more volunteer hours, they are eligible for additional perks.


prizes for members


10 Volunteer Hours:

Become a VAC member

VAC sticker

Membership perks card

25 Volunteer Hours:

Center for Community Engagement Award

VAC hat

50 Volunteer Hours:

Chancellor’s Award

VAC t-shirt

75 Volunteer Hours:

Mayoral Award

100-174 Volunteer Hours:

Bronze Presidential Award

175-249 Volunteer Hours:

Silver Presidential Award

250 + Volunteer Hours:

Gold Presidential Award


NOTE: All volunteer hours must be verified on GivePulse.


perks for getyour10