Understanding Impacts

Helpful Tip:

If you go to “My Impacts” (located on the dropdown menu on the top right hand corner of the screen), you will find your total volunteer hours, hours that have been verified, and network verified hours. Total hours do not include hours that have been verified. If your hours are still in need of being verified, please contact the administrator of the event/agency you volunteered with. For further information regarding impacts, please refer to the articles below.

Shared Impacts

How to tell the status of your impact: pending, verified, and disputed

Impact Verification

Verification Disputes

Deleting Impacts

Tips for Administrators (Creating events, groups and subgroups)

New Agencies or Groups: How do I post my event on uark.givepulse.com?
How to Affiliate your Group with the University of Arkansas (and list your events on their page)
How do I create a group?
How do I add members to my group?
How do I clock-in/out groups with the GivePulse app using my iPad or iPhone?
How do I change or add an administrator?
How to remove members no longer in your group
How to change the membership level
Note: Use personal touches such as adding a logo and photographs of staff members, volunteers and previous events so the potential volunteer feels more connected to your purpose. 



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