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What is Food Recovery?

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It is estimated that colleges throw away 22 millions pounds of extra food every year. The purpose of Food Recovery is to recover this extra, wholesome food that would otherwise be wasted and donate it to hungry people. Razorback Food Recovery volunteers work with Chartwells Dining Service employees to recover the surplus food on a daily basis.

In the first phase of RFR, beginning in February 2014, volunteers recover food from retail locations in the Arkansas Union. Chartwells employees take the pre-packaged or bakery items to a designated location in the Union that holds a refrigerator for RFR to use. Each morning, volunteers go to the location to weigh and log the food and from there it is delivered to be donated either to Full Circle Campus Pantry or another community partner.

In the second phase of RFR, beginning in October 2014, volunteers recover food from Pomfret Dining Hall. In this process, volunteers recover food between lunch and dinner. Volunteers separate the large pans of surplus food into individual, freezable meals that can then be given out to community partner agencies. 


Razorback Food Recovery Leader Fall Application Open

Recovery Leaders act as liaisons between Recovery Volunteers and Volunteer Coordinators. Recovery Leaders are responsible for volunteering one recovery shift per semester (1 hour per week for dining halls and 2 for distribution) as well as attending biweekly meetings throughout the year in order to develop skills such as food safety, allergen training, and further knowledge about recovery operations.

Applications open Monday, November 27th at 12:00 PM and will remain open until Monday, January 8th or until full.

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Razorback Food Recovery Volunteer Application Open

Recovery Volunteers are responsible for preparing, packaging, and data-logging recovered food in multiple locations on campus. Recovery volunteers are required to show up to a weekly, 1 hour shift. This is a semester-long commitment.  Distribution Leaders are responsible for driving a University vehicle to various locations on campus, load the van with recovered food, and deliver the food to local agencies. Distribution leaders are required to show up to a weekly, 1 1/2 hour long shift and bi-weekly meetings Wednesdays at 5pm. Distribution leaders are required to have a valid driver's license. This is a semester-long commitment.

Applications open Monday, November 27th at 12:00 PM and will remain open until Monday, January 8th or until full.

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Did you know that about one-third of all the food produced in the United States goes to waste?

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