Agency Support

The VAC Student Engagement team, advised by Center for Community Engagement Staff, works together with local agencies to assist them with their volunteer needs by providing support through GivePulse and our VAC Pilot and Find Your Impact Programs. Here is more information about some of the programs we provide.


GivePulse is a complementary online platform provided by the Volunteer Action Center that is used to connect non-profit agencies, student groups, and universities to their community. This web portal allows agencies and groups to easily list, find and organize events as well as measure impacts made in the community. For more information on how to sign up for GivePulse please visit our GivePulse page.

VAC Pilot Program

In 2018 the VAC Student Engagement team launched the “VAC Pilot Program,” a leadership engagement program that matches student leaders with agencies to help fulfill their volunteer needs. Each Pilot leader commits to working with an assigned agency to provide support for a minimum of one semester. Additionally, Pilot leaders are trained to provide the following support to their UA student volunteers.

  • GivePulse
  • Communications
  • Recruitment Support
  • Developing Training Sessions
  • Continued Service/Retention

Spots for the fall semester have already been filled but if you are interested in learning more about our Pilot Program for the spring via email at or by phone at 479-575-4365. If know a student or are a student interested in becoming a Pilot Leader please see...

Find Your Impact

In addition to the Pilot Program, the VAC Student Engagement team is offering up opportunities for agencies to connect with potential volunteers through “Find Your Impact.” Find your Impact is a series of group sessions where an agency will meet with a small group of potential volunteers to introduce them to what they do and what their needs are.

For more information on how to get involved with Find Your Impact please feel free to contact our Student Engagement Team via email at or by phone at 479 575 4365. 

For students interested in attending Find Your Impact please check GivePulse[] to sign up and check for upcoming information sessions.